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Photo of Karlrach Combination's head
Karlrach Combination AZ BSCL1 ('Luke')

Nominated as:
 star Best performing kennel at 26th National GSD Show (1998) (R.Bailey, Quarterly Review, p.14, Dec. 1998)

 star Second best performing kennel at 29th National GSD Show (2001) (Quarterly Review, Sept 2001).

star Nine Times Winner of NSW "Breeder of the Year"

Photo of Karlrach Combination's head
Karlrach Combination AZ BSCL1 ('Luke')


Karlrach Kennels has been established since 1974 breeding German Shepherds for show/family pets. Our emphasis has always been to breed sound, happy, healthy German Shepherds giving much joy to their owners as a lifelong companion. dogs and sheep


Karlrach Kennels is a respected breeder of show winning dogs and has a creditable history of producing dogs of well documented significance to the contemporary German Shepherd in Australia. The Kennel has also been acknowledged over the years in a number of English journals and texts as one of notable credibility.



As a kennel we pride ourselves on amazing hip and elbow results.  In the last five years we have had 37 animals x-rayed and 36 have passed with very low scores.  Our four breeding bitches have averaged a hip score of 2 and all with 0:0 elbows.

Karlrach Kiss T' Remember A (1:2) Z (0:0)
Karlrach Choco Holic A (0:0) Z (0:0)
Karlrach All O Nothing A (1:1) Z (0:0)
Karlrach Power O One A (0:3) Z (0:0)



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